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SOS Garage Door Service is the most experienced Annapolis based team of garage door repair specialist in the area. They are constantly on standby and prepared to assist both families and business owners with all forms of garage door maintenance and repair service needs. They represent a nationwide network of service providers comprised of suppliers who ensure that we obtain the best prices available, yet still maintaining high quality garage door fixtures and required components to deliver the best service possible, 24 hours a day.

Ready When Needed

SOS Garage Door Service Annapolis, MD 410-787-6692We at SOS Garage Door Service understand how important it is for homeowners and business owners to have a garage door that functions properly at all times. Hence the need for our skillful technicians who work tirelessly around the clock to make sure your issues are resolved. Including regular maintenance services or during emergencies, our staff is prepared to serve corporate and residential clients 365 days of the year.

SOS Garage Door Service has earned a great reputation within our industry and has established relationships with leading industry suppliers who make sure we’re fully equipped and well-stocked with both name-brand and generic parts for your garage door, which ensures that each individualized maintenance need is met.

We also offer a wide variety of garage repair parts, including items such as mounting brackets, receivers, remotes, cables, door struts, monitors, brackets, pulleys and a host of other parts that are typically needed. Do you require specialized fittings for custom made or functional garage doors? If so, you’re in luck, because we also carried a large stock of specialized fitting parts as well. If you find that you are in a jam, our reliable team of specialists can arrive on the scene, ready to address your problems normally within one hour. They will show up prepared to address some of the most urgent problems that are faced in our industry today. Such as replacing broken locks, repairing jammed garage door locks, resetting garage doors that have come off-track, or even creating an additional key so that you can regain access to your belongings. We understand what an inconvenience a malfunctioned garage door can cause, which is why our fast response repair technicians are always standing by to assist.

Our Services

To an inexperienced person, the inter-workings of a garage door can appear very simplistic in its design, but in actuality, it is a very complex system. What that means is that any one of its multiple components can break down with normal wear and tear. The highly trained technicians at SOS Garage Door Service exceed in rendering professional maintenance service and upgrades, as they assist you with searching through the marketplace to locate the best solution for your garage at your home or business.

Maintaining and designing aftermarket garage door devices are another specialty of SOS Garage Door Service. We offer keypads, as well as clicker and regular garage door openers, in addition to a full line of devices such as motion detector garage door openers. With our diverse background and experience, we are able to offer wider ranges of services than our competitors. That makes SOS Garage Door Service a one-stop solution for garage doors concerns within the immediate area.

The Professional Touch

You may find that other Annapolis- based repair technicians provide poor performances due to lack of training. However SOS Garage Door Service will only send out the best well-trained technicians to service your garage door. Each technician under the SOS Garage Door Service umbrella must adhere to industry based standards in the areas of professionalism, qualifications and hands-on practical experience. We require a high level of performance from each staff member in all service areas that have been entrusted to us. Having these strenuous guidelines better equip us to maintain our reputation as we deliver the best services to your home or office - whenever SOS Garage Door Service is called upon for garage door maintenance and repair services.

We Provide Garage Door Installation in the following zip codes.

21401, 21402, 21403, 21409, 21411