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SOS Garage Door Service houses some of the largest selections of garage door parts in the industry. These parts are from some of the leading name brands in the marketplace in addition to a wide selection of generic parts as well. We have gone out of our way to become your one stop shop and primary go-to company within Annapolis for a large supply of garage door parts, weatherproofing materials, hardware and other accessories for pretty much any make, model or design in the marketplace.

Garage Door Springs

SOS Garage Door Service Annapolis, MD 410-787-6692One of the main components of a garage door system is the garage door spring, which helps counterbalance the overall weight of the garage door when it is being lifted or lowered. Because of this, if a spring becomes damaged, it can easily immobilize the operation of the garage door in its entirety.

Thankfully SOS Garage Door Service has a full line of garage door spring parts to address almost any need you may have. Some of our parts include the extension spring, the torsion spring and other springs designed to fit a wide range of customized assemblies. Our technicians can assist you with any guidance that you may need in terms of which spring is most suitable or your garage, along with the best way to maintain them in a fast and reliable manner.

Torsion Springs

The torsion springs are connected to a metal bar that is installed over the garage door. It is designed to assist with compensation of the load by transferring the weight to the stabilizing bar. The stabilizing bar is comprised of a spool of cable at each end that also works with the unwinding spring which pulls the garage door open. Because of the torsion spring system’s design, it’s easier to maneuver a heavy load that would otherwise be difficult to do. The overall strength and life cycle of a torsion spring is based upon its inside diameter, its wire size and the length of the spring. Garage doors containing one to two springs are normally found in residences. Additional springs are required to safely accommodate the larger commercial garage doors.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are affixed on the doorframe of the pulley located on the garage door system. They manipulate the door’s weight while it is in motion through contracting and stretching. Extension springs function when pulling the connection point to assist with counterbalancing the garage door’s weight. The shortening spring forces the door in an upward motion. When in use, the torsion and extension springs are under a lot of pressure. Only professionals should service these springs.

Spring Repair

Another common cause of sudden garage door malfunctions, include garage door springs. They are made with specialized designs, which make them more vulnerable to failure. Garage door springs carries the weight of the garage door and thus is constantly under a lot of pressure. Some of the doors weigh well over a ton in various commercial settings, which is potentially dangerous should the garage door come crashing down in a moment’s notice. To reduce such risks, it’s important to make sure that your commercial garage door springs are always well-maintained and in excellent working condition. We at SOS Garage Door Service specialize in this area to ensure the safety of your work area and general place of business.