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SOS Garage Door Service Annapolis, MD 410-787-6692Rolling garage doors is an additional selection that is offered by SOS Garage Door Service. This easy to install option is a great choice for maintaining maximum entry space. Our services also consist of installing our stock of up-coiling doors that are able to fit all major standard door opening sizes. Have a color preference? We can also make rolling steel door models in a wide selection of colors. We also offer curtain materials and slat profiles to choose from based on what’s most suitable for your aesthetic and security needs.

Our company provides a wide range of standard overhead garage doors and a wide range of optional devices to automate the process opening garage doors by putting the control in the palm of your hands and pushing a button. With a motion detector designed to detect the presence of an individual or vehicle. Because you never know when there may be a power outage, we also offer backup battery systems that provide needed power during emergencies – ensuring that you always have access to your garage.

The standard process at SOS Garage Door Service for our design team to design your ideal standard garage door system, then our installation team properly makes the installation at your site, by arriving in one of our mobile units. Our specially designed mobile units are fully equipped with state of the art tools that enable us to render installation services fast and easy. We base our reputation on the end result of each satisfied client. And what our 24 hour service means for you is that we’re available and ready to respond to calls made by Annapolis based residents. For more information, feel free to speak to any one of our friendly representatives and we’ll provide you with a free garage door installation consultation.